Working capital that works

If you need cash this week whether you have invoices as collateral or not, Benchmarq’s small business loans can get you the money, fast. Our small business product is designed for loans up to $500,000 and can be provided within 3 days of application. We fast-track your funding, by hustling every detail. Without cutting corners, we fund your deal faster. After all, you shouldn’t be penalized for having a good track record, just because you need some quick cash. Let a Benchmarq small business loan get you working capital now when you need it.


Small business loan highlights

  • Loans up to $500,000

  • Provided within 3 days

  • Fast-track process

  • Weekly payback

  • Terms up to 18 months


Small Business Loans

Facility Limits

  • Up to $500,000

Underwriting Notes

  • Requires minimum monthly deposits of $30k per month

  • No more than 5 NSF per month

  • Must average 4 to 8 deposits per month


How Benchmarq’s Small Business Loan Compares

Financing Guidelines

Take a look at our offerings, and see how we can help. We offer small business loans up to $500,000, and a host of other working capital products to fit your needs.

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