Working Capital that works 

Benchmarq can loan against a variety of inventory. If you have stock on hand, the Inventory Financing add-on product can expand your working capital line considerably, making it an ideal option for manufacturers, distributors, inventory managers and wholesalers. Inventory Financing can give you significant additional capital when combined with your core line of credit. Ask us about using Inventory Financing to unlock the cash that’s tied up in your physical assets. Inventory Financing solutions can make the difference between staying with the status quo and moving toward the steady growth.


Inventory Financing Highlights

  • Borrow against inventory

  • Add-on to our core product

  • Creates additional cash flow

  • Reduce short-term debt


What is inventory financing?

Inventory Financing can be easily summed up as a short-term loan or line of credit made to a business that allows it to purchase products to sell. The Inventory purchased serves as the collateral for the loan if the company cannot sell its products and repay the loan, also known as a loan against inventory. Inventory lending is useful for companies that are affected by the seasonality of cash flow fluctuations. If a company can acquire Inventory Financing then it can achieve higher sales volume, higher growth, and expand businesses where it could not have without the Inventory Financing.


Who can use inventory financing and how to qualify?

Countless companies and businesses can achieve success through Inventory Financing, such as small to medium-sized retailers and wholesalers. Larger corporations have large institutional banks from which to borrow, giving them easier access to funding when times are tough. For smaller businesses that require Inventory Financing for manufacturing products, access to these large entities is not as easy, nor is ensuring that your accounts receivable and balance sheets are in good order. Qualifying is made easy for small and medium-sized business owners with Benchmark, and our Inventory Financing rates are the best in the lender business!


Apply for an inventory financing loan today!

Benchmarq Capital makes applying and qualifying for Inventory Financing easy. Our team of expert Inventory Financing lenders can help make the process simple, so your business can get the funding it needs to help grow your revenue and customer base. We are a secured party that makes sure your inventory loan is guaranteed, making your business owners’ worries about creating additional cash flow a thing of the past!


Inventory Financing Guidelines

Facility Limits

  • $100,000 - $4,000,000+

Advance Rates

  • Up to 50% of Inventory Cost


How Inventory Financing Compares

Financing Guidelines

Take a look at our offerings, and see how we can help. We offer loans from the low 6 figures to 7 figures, plus. From higher reporting to lower risk, and borrowing base to invoice purchase, somewhere on that chart is a loan for your company.

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