At Benchmarq, we see cash as a workhorse - a hard-driving asset that gets the job done and then some. If your cash is falling short, we can help you work it harder.


We can do that

Our financing products let you magnify your profits & demolish your limitations.


Term Loans
Benchmarq coffers traditional Term Loans and in addition can often loan against equipment as part of an ABL or Invoice Factoring loan, adding even more capital to your line of credit.


Inventory Financing
When used in combination with an ABL or Invoice Factoring loan, Inventory Financing can significantly expand your cash flow.


Commercial Real Estate (owner-occupied)
Offering best-in-class small balance commercial real estate financing from $500,000 to $5,000,000.


ABL Financing
Benchmarq’s Asset-Based Loans offer up to 85% advance rates, and have lower reporting requirements.


Small Business Loans
For loans under $500,000, Benchmarq can provide financing in 72 hours - for quicker access to your funds.


Stretch Financing
Our catalyst product helps you stretch - to get you there when other lenders can’t even come close.


Invoice Factoring
Our Accounts Receivable Financing product employs receivables as collateral, gives you up to 90% advance rates, and has slightly higher reporting requirements.


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Working Capital Financing

Working Capital is the day-to-day driver of your business. When you have enough cash on hand, you can hire more, produce more, take on more jobs, and pay less for supplies. Cash makes your company go, and we can get you more of it.

Benchmarq’s Working Capital loans involve using your Accounts Receivable and other assets as collateral. We can mix and match products to suit your exact financing needs, from the following options:

  • Invoice Factoring

  • Asset-Based Loans

  • Inventory Lending

  • Term Loans

  • Small Business Loans

  • Stretch



What is working capital financing or working capital loans?

Working Capital is typically defined as the difference between current assets and liabilities. It is a measure of both the efficiency of a company and the company’s short-term financial health. Here at Benchmarq Capital, our Working Capital loans can help jump-start business growth and expansion.

Qualifying for working capital finance loans

Working Capital loans are also known as Working Capital Factoring or Financing, however, don’t let all the names confuse you. Working Capital Finance loans are a great way for a company that is searching for viable options to help fund increased workforce, asset expansion, and other things to help grow the company.



Apply for a working capital loan today!

Many banking institutions will require you to fill out difficult forms to get the funds you need. The Benchmarq Capital team is adept at making the Working Capital Finance process as simple as possible so you can get the monetary solutions that will help grow your business.

We offer

  • Credit Lines ranging from $100,000 to $6,000,000

  • Advance rates up to 90% of accounts receivable, 50% of inventory cost and 60% of equipment value

  • Nationwide sales, underwriting and funding capabilities

Our clients often have the following needs

  • Growth, start-up/early stage, acquisition, refinance, seasonality, or turnaround

  • Industries include manufacturing, distributing, service, staffing, and transportation - among others



Financing guidelines

Take a look at our offerings, and see how we can help. We offer loans from the low 6 figured to 7 figures, plus. From higher reporting to lower risk, and borrowing base to invoice purchase, somewhere on that chart is a loan for your company.