About Benchmarq Capital

Benchmarq Capital is an award-winning, BBB A+ rated financial intermediary located in Houston Texas. Each Benchmarq Capital term loan is custom-designed – we have no specific terms, advance rates or formulas that must be met and therefore can offer extremely flexible financing solutions based on the particular needs of a business. Benchmarq Capital term loans may be used for working capital, the purchase of machinery, equipment or real estate, business acquisitions, debt restructuring, and more. In addition, we are known for our Sub-Prime SBA loan program, in which we are often successful in funding a previous banks’ SBA decline.


We provide cash flow solutions to companies requiring a financing structure that cannot be provided by banks or other commercial finance sources. Our efforts are focused daily on helping companies grow, and we measure our success solely through the outstanding performance of our clients.

We look to arrange credit facilities from $100,000 to $6 million which may be either senior debt or secondary to a primary financing arrangement.

Our Philosophy

Where others see problems, we see possibility. Where others see a slow-down, we see opportunity. Where others see complexity, we see a challenge. Let Benchmarq help unearth the hidden value in your company, today.

We welcome the opportunity to work with you.